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The Screenplay Factory

Welcome to the creative world of my cinematic mind.  Listed below are a batch of my current scripted screenplays available for option and production.  Contact me if any peek your curiosity.  

College Student pic.webp
Tranquility Spec2.jpg

Second Chances

A shy successful businessman has a second chance to win the heart of his college love, yet is forced to recruit her own object of affection, his best friend, to try and win her over.   

​Shady Hollow

A young angry African American student is sent to a former slave plantation to complete research on his racial prejudice essay. Only to quickly face his own primal hatred, by discovering the hotel, and indirectly his ownself, are killing the guests who arrive.


A young woman heads off to college for the first time and joins the most popular sorority in school. Only to have the sorority introduce her into an escort service for the hottest night club in town.

Predators: Training Days

A government military prisoner transport ship is sent on a routine prison transfer dump, only to rescue an unknown commercial ship in distress and take on more then they can control.  

The Therapist

The first Minnesota female PHD in Psychology finds her ideal Psychology job with the United States Navy during the 1940's, only to quickly realize the Navy expects her to do more then just "Mental" Therapy for returning US troops during World War 2.   


An old man tries to escape from modern day life in order to find "tranquility". (An Animated Short Project)

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