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Poetry samples



Quick metallic stings swayed your path.


Unkept morals led to misplaced wrath.


Intruded life saving soul, savagely subdued.


Nuetralic coexistence henceforth removed.


Notable soul's transition painstakingly ensued.


Relinquish the angered regret your soul may churn.


Instead focus on those who's hearts passionately burn.


Place your soul with those who now lovingly wait their turn.  


 ---- Dedicated to my high school classmate... Quinn... RIP ----

That awkward moment of my first glimpse

It has been too long since we first met.

Do you remember me?

Followed by my embarrassing cry.

I remember your soft loving embrace

Your whispered murmurs of encouragement.

You kept me warm at my most vulnerable moment.

I think that is when I fell in love.

Hey June...

Visits Written Phonetically​ 



I see you!

Please come closer.

Now I see clearly!

Help me out of the trap.

If death will be coming soon,

Trapped here I will not be!

For you see, I am still now young, dear!

Do not let these old bones deceive you now.

Jovial youth I still yearn and perceive.

Now, join Granny in a cup of tea.

It is quite a pleasure to see,

Our busy youth finding us

Time is dear, as you see.

It means a lot, dear. 

Seeing you here.

Hold my hand.

My dear,


A *'s Tale

A fierce *

yanks me into the air.


I ride the wind's *



Speeds too * 


to stop and stare.

The world *


by, naked and bare.

Published works...


Privately Objective Evaluation Through Rhetorical Yearnings​ Volume 1


ISBN 978-1-61897-490-7

In these modernistic days, we have a tendency to lose the love of the written word. This book is my attempt at keeping words "alive". Within this book is a Collection of works to remind us all, that words themselves, are an art worth holding onto, admiring, and experimenting with.

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